Who are we?

Simply…we are part of the family of God. We were brought into that family by the saving grace of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. We can define ourselves in many ways:

-We are part of the Body of Christ and we call ourselves the First Baptist Church of Murphy, Fenton, MO

-We voluntarily affiliate and partner with the Southern Baptist Convention,

-We voluntarily affiliate and partner with the Missouri Baptist Convention.

-We voluntarily affiliate and partner with the Jefferson Baptist Association.

There are other ministries and partnerships in which we participate, but none of those tell you who we really are! We are a local fellowship of Christian believers committed to making Jesus Christ Lord of all areas of life. We believe we are called to make a difference in our communities, county, state, and world by living our lives daily as a witness to the grace, forgiveness, and victory that is available through Jesus Christ.

We strive to be growing disciples through Worship, service, fellowship, education, and the sharing of our faith with others. We work to make our faith a family affair by ministering to and caring for all age groups no matter where they are in life.

But…you will never really ‘know’ who we are until you come and share with us. So we invite you to come and find love and acceptance within the Body of Christ. We hope you will join us on our exciting journey as we follow Jesus.